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Soundcloud Selects BuyDRM to Protect Streams with KeyOS MultiKey Managed Service

By Hunter Levy
May 15, 2024

BuyDRM recently announced Soundcloud as a new customer utilizing the KeyOS MultiKey Managed Service Offering (MSO). Read the full press release here on The DRM Blog.
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BuyDRM to Showcase New Products and Feature Sets at NAB

By Gabe Elton
April 08, 2024

With NAB quickly approaching we wanted to get you a round up on our latest announcements and updates on what to expect to see from BuyDRM.
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Introducing KeyOS MultiBlock: Enhancing Concurrency Limiting

By Roman K.
April 03, 2024

Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content distribution, ensuring that media is consumed in a manner that respects creators' rights and distribution agreements has become paramount. With the advent of advanced Digital Rights...
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Embracing the Future: AV1 with HLS and FairPlay, and Its Impact on the Future of Streaming

By Roman K.
March 26, 2024

Introduction to AV1 In the fast-paced world of digital content, the Alliance for Open Media's AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) codec represents a significant milestone in video encoding and streaming technology. Born out of the need for a high-efficiency video...
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Forging Digital Fortresses with Multiple Key Licenses in Widevine DRM

By Roman K.
January 31, 2024

Introduction: Upholding the Integrity of Digital Assets with Widevine DRM In the intricate landscape of digital content protection, a nuanced understanding of device security levels, robustness rules, and the meticulous use of multiple keys is...
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The 2023 Year in Review – New Products, New Features, New Customers, and New Faces!

By Gabe Elton
January 11, 2024

2023 was a busy year indeed – BuyDRM enhanced its KeyOS Content Security Platform with new releases, feature sets, and products, and we are just getting started! From time to time, we are asked – "What is on your roadmap?" How much time do you have?...
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Top Reasons That Crash Livestreams

By Christopher Levy
July 20, 2021

Engineers are always looking for new and better ways to stream large events. Whether you're streaming a live event on Facebook or YouTube Live, or using your custom-built video streaming infrastructure, there's always a chance that something could...
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How To Protect Your Content With DRM

By Christopher Levy
August 13, 2019

Recently we had the pleasure of working with Jan Ozer again on another extremely informative piece on "How To Protect Your Content With DRM." Jan has an innate ability to capture the essence of deeply-technical issues like Digital Rights Management....
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