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ESP Partner Spotlight: Accurate Player

Posted by Hunter Levy on Sep 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Earlier this year we launched the KeyOS ESP Partner Program to help streamline the deployment of DRM-protected video content. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining strategic key integrations with industry-leading Encoder, Server and Player vendors, BuyDRM’s new partner program aims to enable faster, more robust, studio-approved DRM deployments.

Periodically we will be highlighting our ESP partners on The DRM Blog and provide some useful information about their integration with the KeyOS Multi-DRM Platform. This week we want to put the spotlight on one of our player partners Accurate Player.

Content owners and broadcasters are looking to securely distribute digital dailies and pre-release content in a cloud-based environment and the integration between Accurate Player and KeyOS allow just that. Additional deployment scenarios include On-premise, in-network or on your hardware/software.

Accurate Player offers a fully customizable HTML5 Frame Accurate Player with studio-approved DRM support via BuyDRM’s KeyOS platform. The player allows you to play frame accurate content natively in HTML5 without the need for browser plugins and supports all frame rates and SMPTE timecodes using MPEG-DASH (with Widevine and PlayReady).

ESP Partner Spotlight Diagram_Accurate Player

As a player partner, Accurate Player provides multi-DRM support directly in the player configuration settings. For DRM-managed content to be played, information needs to be sent to the KeyOS License Key API to validate the license key request. This involves sending a license request using a Base64 encoded AuthXML string. The code snippet is provided below. Placeholders are denoted by "..." and need to be replaced in the code as required.


How to Configure Accurate Player with KeyOS

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