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DRM Innovations with BuyDRM at NAB

Posted by Gabe Elton on Mar 29, 2023 10:27:44 AM

It’s that time of year again! NAB is right around the corner and our experts in Content Security will be visiting for the first time since 2019.

BuyDRM has made many advancements over the last several years and we would love the chance to fill you in on the details and learn more about the specific challenges that you face as well.

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Some of the topics that we will be specifically covering are:


BuyDRM has recently joined the SRT and WebRTC alliance to help standardize how DRM fits into protocols that were designed with a specific focus on lowering latency. While that goal has certainly been met, the current standards add complexity when adding DRM protection in environments that might not have considered the ability to package and transport encrypted streams.

Forensic Watermarking

Learn more about our MultiMark Server and why we think that the future of streaming will require every stream to be unique – the challenges that go along with that premise, and how you can be better prepared when content owners require an additional layer of security.

DRM as a Managed Service

BuyDRM has pioneered an offering that displaces traditional on-prem or in-network Software License models. Offered as a hybrid of SaaS and Software License, our Managed Service Offering (MSO) provides the highest levels of security, and infinite scalability and because the traffic remains in your network fits better with budgetary requirements, especially with extremely high volume deployments.

Multi-Cloud Strategy

While we have focused primarily on AWS locations around the world, with backups and failovers to bare metal servers near our headquarters, BuyDRM has expanded our services to support deployments in GCP as well as OVH Cloud.

How BuyDRM is Uniquely Positioned for the Future of Streaming

Finally, we can bring you up to speed about our acquisition by OVH Cloud, the largest hosting provider in Europe, and how that uniquely positions BuyDRM to expand our suite of products and offerings in a way that is beyond the ability of any other company in the space.

We look forward to being able to meet all our friends and partners in customers face-to-face at NAB2023! Be sure to follow the link below to request a meeting as we expect our time slots to be filled in short order. See you there!

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