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What, Exactly, is DRM?

Posted by Rebecca Foletta on Aug 4, 2016 4:04:06 PM
Rebecca Foletta




You know you need "DRM," but what does that really mean?


We've all been there — assigned to get up to speed on a technology you've never used and you're the one responsible for making recommendations and advising on the feasibility of the project. You spend loads of time doing online searches for keywords that may or may not bring you the guidance you're looking for and when you do find relevant information, it's often in a language you don't speak or read. This week in The DRM Blog, we've found you a resource to help translate the linguistics of DRM. 

The July 12, 2016 "What Is DRM" feature in StreamingMedia.com is an article packed with meaning.   (See full article below, or click to read online.)  If you're confused by the differences between MSE, EME, CENC, DASH, HTML5, and E-I-E-I-O — this is a great starting resource to get it all straight and see how the DRM industry pieces fit together.  The article provides a top-notch overview of business models requiring DRM, definitions of encryption, license management and player options, as well as a concise synopsis of how DRM works generally, including insights into the marketplace, and who some of the mainstream DRM providers are.

"If you plan to distribute premium content from the major U.S. studios, you'll need to encrypt that content, which typically means that you'll have to deploy one or more digital rights management (DRM) technologies. As you'll learn in this article, while many aspects of the migration from plug-ins like Flash and Silverlight to HTML5 playback have simplified video distribution, the shift has made the DRM side much more complex, though new services and service models are available to help." "What is DRM?" By StreamingMedia.com, posted on July 12, 2016


The BuyDRM Glossary of DRM Terms and Acronyms

We hope you're enjoying The DRM Blog.  As a special thank you for subscribers, we're offering a free, 35-page Glossary of DRM Terms and Acronyms.  Click the "Subscribe" button to get immediate access to the document you'll want to print out and keep as a handy reference. We'll be updating the glossary periodically, and subscribers will automatically receive the newest editions.  Subscribe now!  (Already a subscriber and want the Glossary? Click through and claim your copy!)

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