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ESP Partner Spotlight: Harmonic

Posted by Hunter Levy on May 24, 2022 9:00:51 AM

 As we continue to highlight our ESP partners on The DRM Blog, we hope to provide some useful information about their integration with the KeyOS Content Security Platform. The BuyDRM ESP Partner program is a one-of-a-kind approach to pre-integrating video and DRM platforms to speed the time to market and enable more secure and scalable integrations for clients. To date, the BuyDRM ESP Program is the single largest ecosystem of Encoders, Servers and Players integrated with a DRM platform. This week we are excited to put the spotlight on Harmonic.

Harmonic, a worldwide leader in virtualized cable access and video delivery solutions, enables media companies and service providers to deliver ultra-high-quality video streaming and broadcast services to consumers globally. The company revolutionized cable access networking via the industry’s first virtualized cable access solution, enabling cable operators to more flexibly deploy gigabit internet service to consumers’ homes and mobile devices. Whether simplifying OTT video delivery via innovative cloud and software platforms or powering the delivery of gigabit internet cable services, Harmonic is changing the way media companies and service providers monetize live and on-demand content on every screen.

BuyDRM and Harmonic co-engaged with a very well-known three-letter media company based here in the United States recently in a multi-DRM modernization effort. Harmonic typically requires 3rd party DRM Platforms to modify their existing CEK API to work with the Harmonic DRM proxy. After reviewing BuyDRM's content-encryption key API (based on CPIX), the media company made the determination to have Harmonic integrate their VOS360 video platform with the KeyOS content security platform to ensure the highest level of security possible around the protection of content-encryption keys.

BuyDRM's CPIX API, now on version 3.0 which has just launched, uses the highest level of security available today in a CEK API. We have addressed four different areas of insecurity in existing specs with the KeyOS CPIX Specification including:

  • Mandatory Content Key Encryption during transit
  • CPIX Document Signatures with multiple certificates from both partners and customers
  • Support for multiple keys for the same title but with different Bitrates SD/HD/4K

  • Support for multiple authentication keys which means that partners and customers can rotate signing keys on a regular basis or generate new keys and immediately disable old ones in case they are compromised without interrupting the content protection workflow.

Some CPIX adaptations rely on digest authentication which has numerous security concerns and criticisms. Digest authentication becomes problematic to use in a standard way to authenticate multiple parties which can participate in a content key information exchange.

BuyDRM supported Harmonic in the integration effort to ensure these security measures were addressed and that mutual customers can rest easy knowing that the added layer of security that is provided through this integration ultimately means that the content is in fact more secure throughout the distribution lifecycle.

Now, mutual customers of BuyDRM and Harmonic can easily deploy live video streaming via a pre-integrated offering where VOS360 seamlessly and securely acquires content-encryption keys from KeyOS at the moment of encryption whether it be a live or VoD stream.

Are you interested in learning more about that? Simply reach out to us via the following link.

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