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A Message from BuyDRM's CEO: Video Pipeline Security in Google Cloud

Posted by Christopher Levy on Mar 17, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Every so often you get an opportunity to truly innovate new technology that solves complex problems and advances the enterprise. In the Media & Entertainment space, these opportunities don’t come that often but when they do, the energy around the effort is palpable and real. Recently, we announced one of those opportunities which we have capitalized on with a new alliance with the M&E group at Google Cloud. In essence, we have “moved in” to GCP and launched the first of its kind “GCP DRM” offering. 

After conquering AWS with a deployment of the largest multi-DRM network in the world, BuyDRM has taken our lessons learned and experiences and created a more modern approach to DRM in the cloud with GCP.  

To further push the effort, we have deployed our entire arsenal of video pipeline security products in GCP.  Soon BuyDRM and GCP clients will be able to rapidly transcode, encrypt and deliver premium live and VoD content using our MultiKey Service and our MultiPack encryptor. This deep integration will also then enable Just-in-time ("JIT") forensic visual watermarking inside GCP using the KeyOS MultiMark platform.

In the coming months we will be announcing more ways to engage with BuyDRM and Google Cloud. Today is just the start of what will surely be a long climb up to cruising altitude. Should you have any questions today about how you can deploy in GCP with BuyDRM's KeyOS Multi-DRM Platform,  please just reach out.

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